How We Work

At Mute HOME we provide a 5 stage project management service, summarized as follows:

1. Consultation:

It starts with a conversation, to clearly understand your noise control and/or acoustic requirements. Essentially, this process is about you telling us as much as you can. We then use this information to formulate a coherent project brief.

At this stage, wherever possible, we’ll provide you with some indicative costs and time-frames for works.

2. Site Survey:

The next step is for us to visit site. It’s an opportunity to meet in person and discuss, face-to-face, your requirements in more detail.

During the survey, we’ll collect all relevant on-site information. Sometimes, where appropriate and previously agreed, we’ll conduct a practical investigation and/or schedule of sound testing, to gain a more in-depth understanding of the circumstances. This additional data can be invaluable when it comes to the design and planning stage.

(We also use sound testing to provide you with greater accountability, i.e. ‘before’ and ‘after’ test results can be compared to gauge the efficacy of a solution or cross-referenced against pre-specified performance criteria, as a means of verifying compliance).

All of our sound tests are carried-out by a qualified acoustical engineer and followed-up with a comprehensive report, detailing the results.

3. Design and Planning: 

With the Information gathered through the consultation and site survey, we start formulating the most appropriate scheme of works, where necessary, to comply with Building Regulations – Part E.

We produce technical drawings and plans, as required, along with method statements, risk assessments, work and payment schedules; all to be approved, by you, prior to manufacture and installation.

For more uncustomary applications, we have the facility to conduct laboratory testing, to ensure a proposed scheme of works will perform to the requisite acoustical standards.

4. Manufacture and Installation:

Our specialist manufacturers produce any bespoke components, as per the appropriate technical drawings produced and approved during design and planning, whilst our friendly, in-house team of trade professionals undertake the installation, coordinated and managed by one of our fully chartered construction managers. Throughout this process we’ll be in communication, keeping you fully informed of progress and discussing any matters requiring your attention.

For certain projects, we’ll adopt a consultancy and/or supervisory role, instructing and/or overseeing installations undertaken by external contractors.

5. Pre-Completion Inspection/Sound Testing:

Once the installation is complete, we’ll carry-out a thorough on-site inspection, to ensure the completed works fully comply with the design specifications. Where appropriate and previously agreed, this will include pre-completion sound testing, i.e. to verify compliance with any pre-specified performance criteria, for example, Building Regulations – Part E.