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At Mute HOME we pride ourselves in our capacity to formulate effective solutions for the most demanding interiors, combining acoustic functionality with an eye for aesthetic detail.

Accordingly, we have developed a range of bespoke fitted acoustic furniture, integrated with sound-absorbing materials. Each installation, whilst providing a tasteful storage solution, significantly reduces sound passage via the supporting wall.

The images show examples of the concept in-situ.

(1) Living room sound-insulating storage, installed, floor-to-ceiling, to the party wall, with integrated A/V equipment.

(2) Bedroom sound-absorbing furniture, fitted, floor-to-ceiling, to the party wall, showing pull-out drawers.

(3) Kitchen sound-insulating furniture, installed, floor-to-ceiling, to an internal separating wall.

(4) Bedroom sound-absorbing storage, fitted, floor-to-ceiling, to the party wall, showing internal shelving and pull-out drawers.